redtoys balance bike kindergarten POLIZEI in blue, light and sturdy

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Balance bike POLIZEI for intensive continuous use in nursery and kindergarten. The policewoman will catch every cheeky thief on this easily controllable emergency vehicle !

For English sticker POLICE please choose model CR34BL (int.)

Our favourite redtoys balance bike Polizei has proven itself for many years in nursery and kindergarten: Due to its very low weight, the children feel extremely comfortable on it and leave every other balance bike behind.

As light as a feather

  • easy to handle even for very small children ► very suitable for children under 3 years of age
  • much less risk of injury if the bike falls over
  • less to carry when locking up the equipment every evening
  • well suited for the exercise room in winter

Extremely stable

  • high quality polyamide, glass fibre reinforced

Additional advantages

  • suitable for role play
  • height-adjustable saddle (not possible with many other devices)
  • absolutely weather- and waterproof (no swelling as with a wooden wheel, no rusting as with a metal wheel)
  • safety steering stop to prevent falls
  • extremely gentle on the back due to shock-absorbing saddle suspension
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Technical data of all models in comparison see Info on redtoys

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