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Bienvenue chez redtoys  -  ma draisienne préférée

ultra-légère et très solide

pour la crèche/l’école et tous les parents exigeants

Notre draisienne redtoys est fabriquée en Allemagne et certifiée selon EN71 (Europe) et ASTM (USA, Canada)


Welcome to redtoys  -  my favourite balance bike

lightweight but very stable

for nursery/pre-school and all demanding parents

Our redtoys balance bike is made in Germany and certified according to EN71 (Europe) and ASTM (USA, Canada)

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Vidéo en francais


The little say: "redtoys is my favourite balance bike!"

And this is what the large say: "The children are crazy about our new balance bikes by redtoys. They are so beautiful

uncomplicated, even the little 2-year feel so safe because they are so light. And yet very stable. I have to recommend

them. "                                                                                                                                                                      

Ulrike Hille, head of kindergarten Rasselbande in 03249 Zeckerin, Germany


"Dear redtoys team, our children use your balance bikes with enthusiasm because they are so beautiful light and

manoeuvrable and therefore also applies well for the interior of our educational institution. But they have been even more

outside in the rain - which has not harmed them. We as teachers want indestructible vehicles with a

good price-performance ratio, you unite this in your product.

Greetings from Sistrans "

Gabriele Hartwig Richle, head movement kindergarten 6073 Sistrans, Austria


Why a balance bike from redtoys?
Because of the feathery weight of only 2.8 kg redtoys is very easy to handle for small children (and
thus very well suited to under 3 - groups!).
A significantly shorter braking distance and the much lower risk of injury
in case of a fall makes redtoys much safer than a high weight metal balance bike.
In winter, the easy handling makes redtoys very good for use in the internal motion room.
In summer redtoys is absolutely weatherproof and waterproof (no swelling as the wooden bikes, no rusting as
the metal bikes)

What about the stability?
Our bikes are manufactured in Germany and made of fiberglass reinforced polyamide, which is also used in the
automotive industry for heavy-duty plastic parts.
They have proved themselves over many years in
thousands of kindergartens where they are daily used by many children.

Where is redtoys made?
All our balance bikes are manufactured in Germany by Solmser Kunststofftechnik (
SKT is a specialist in manufacturing of high quality plastic products mainly for the automotive industry.


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